Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everything but the...

So I am starting out this blog journey at a really inopportune time. Literally. R (my husband, father of my children) is trying to read for his Master's work. M (my oldest daughter) is trying to read for her 15 minutes of homework. Meanwhile, children 2 and 3 are running around being VERY loud, even playing drums and cymbals, I kid you not. So I decided to sit down in the midst of it all and start a blog. Really, 5 minutes ago I did that. Now I am blogging. Blogging is a new verb these days, isn't it?
I wasn't prepared for the tough questions I would face when beginning what I thought was a pretty simple thing. Everyone blogs, it's so last year, right? First off I had to come up with a name...what am I going to call this journal written for all when I don't have a subject? Do I need a subject? If I am going to blog I most certainly don't want to limit myself right off the bat.
I thought for a moment maybe I should write about my area of expertise. I hit a problem right off, I don't really have any specific expertise.
So to make a long story short, I thought about what I was doing before I began this mighty blogging journey. Rinsing out the kitchen sink. Guess what's in there? Everything. I am certainly an expert at that. Not everything, rinsing the kitchen sink. So there.

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Anna said...

You're so cute, Sheridan! Good luck with the blog. I also have a blog, but I don't think mine is nearly as good as yours (www.themusatovs.blogspot.com). ;)