Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meat Circles

Dinner is in the oven, the kitchen is clean, no one is fighting, I have gone through the backpacks, marked new activities on the calendar. Now I just need some energy to propel me through the next 2+ hours until bedtime.

I wrote my first blog post last night and then had a huge panic, I should delete this, I don't want to put myself out there for everyone to read, especially when I have stuff of such little importance to share. Then I decided, to heck with it. This is about me, not you.

Some of you know, some of you don't but we have a child with a disability. I have somehow rationalized in my head that my daughter doesn't really qualify under the disabled umbrella, because she isn't "that disabled." Really, professionals have told me that, school professionals. Granted they maybe said it so they don't have to fund my child who isn't "that disabled." My daughter, N (age 4) is hard of hearing, I still can't make myself categorize her as deaf, like so many of the people do. Her hearing loss is from her birth, which was very traumatic, I may write about it someday when I am either very drunk or deep in a pity party. Although I don't drink so just wait for a pity party day.

So my perfect daughter wears hearing aids. They are very cute, she wears them with style and they help. We do not sign with her, we have her in a special school for deaf and hard of hearing kids, Northern Voices is the name of it. This school has changed our world. Our family is better because this school exists. The primary focus of this school is oral education for hard of hearing/deaf kids. N also has begun attending the school districts offerings too, partly as a way to work with them to get funding for Northern Voices, and partly to help N transition into kindergarten in a world that isn't filled with hearing aids and cochlear implants.
That's all I am going to write for today, except I should explain the title of today's post shouldn't I? I feel like I need some sort of theme for them, so until I come up with a good theme I am just going to title my posts with the dinner menu for that night at our house. Meat Circles are actually turkey kielbasa (you know, ring bologna?) that's what my kids call it, that's what it is.

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Anna said...

Mmm...I love meat circles, especially with mac and cheese.