Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dinner at My Parents

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the day to day. The dog needs a haircut, the laundry is multiplying by the minute, I think the dryer may have something wrong with the heating element, I think the starter is going on the minivan. Halloween is this weekend and not only do I HATE Halloween, I am feeling nearly crushed by the pressure of costuming 3 children, and for an added challenge we are going to be driving 5 hours to spend it at my in-laws in Green Bay. I loathe long car rides. Thus missing 2 gymnastics practices, which my 7 year old is obsessing about, and my husband casually mentioning that we have to be home by noon to watch the Bears game on Sunday, because God forbid we wouldn't be planted in front of the TV for the entire 4 quarters. I'll tell you my opinion on football another day.

Add to all of this my daughter going to the Hannah Montana concert tomorrow, and that we must monitor her dental hygiene extra closely as she recently had her 4 lower front teeth pulled and we need to make sure she doesn't get dry socket.

Believe it or not I went to college, I have a good (read EXPENSIVE) education. I previously worked in a pretty fast paced environment for a very successful MN company, and that was nothing compared to this workload.

Sometimes the thanklessness is shocking. The lack of recognition is depressing, but overall the rewards are amazing. As I write this I began sneezing and my little H, just 20 months old, playing on the floor next to me said his version of "Bless you, Mommy" and tears filled my eyes. Here I am writing a litany of complaints about the stresses of domesticity and God sends me a message through my little man that I am blessed, and he's absolutely right.

Tonight we are going to a wake, a wake for a man who was just 54, and healthy, but got sick from this horrible illness that is all over the news, H1N1. This illness does not discriminate, and for that we all need to be a little more diligent, both in taking care of ourselves and taking care of each other.

So when you see your family tonight, hug them a little bit harder for a little bit longer, ask them if they are taking care of themselves, get a little more sleep yourself and remember you are blessed.

Bless you.


Anna said...

Thanks for the reminder. Adam worked 15 hours yesterday. Instead of laying on the couch when he got home, I should've gotten up and given him a hug and said "thank you for providing for our family".

shana said...

Hey you,
So sorry to hear the news of Rory's friends death. I was just thinking about you a couple minutes ago and wondering how you were doing.
Thanks for the great post and the reminders. It all resonated with me pretty closely . . . except, thankfully, the long drive this weekend and the wake . . . but otherwise . . .
I hope all goes as smoothly as is possible. If there's anything we can do just holler!
Take care, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Believe me...things do get better...wait until you're retired like John and I after raising 5 (and dressing them for Halloween..always homemade!)

Amy Samuels said...

Sheri, You crack me up, I was laughing my head off at the first few paragraphs. You bring a smile to my day!! I seriously think you should think about writing a book, I'd buy it for sure and suggest it to everyone of my friends. Love ya, Amy