Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hot dogs on the grill

I always used to wonder when the music I listened to would start to be played on the oldies stations. When does the Dave Matthews Band, and the anthems of my college years change from cool to old school?
Recently, we have become avid listeners of various Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus CD's, so much so I find myself rocking out and feeling cool while driving in my minivan singing and clapping to the Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown, being cheered on by my 7, 4, and 2 year olds. My 7 year old even said "You are so cool mom!" I actually know all the words to that song. That and most of the High School Musical tunes as well, I count those as some of my favorite songs. Sad, but true.
So what does that mean for my coolness ratio? When did I go from being a stylish, hot chick listening to the Counting Crows in my 2 door-stick shift to a soccer mom, listening to Hannah Montana in a Buick minivan? More importantly why didn't I notice the metamorphosis?
The real question here is when did my outsides stop matching up with my insides? I remember when I tried on my wedding dress (almost 10 years ago) at the store and looked in the mirror, feeling like a kid playing dress up. That night I shared this thought with my dad and he said "I still look in the mirror and am shocked to see a man with graying hair, when inside I feel like I'm 18!" (I paraphrased there a little).
There is an upside to the slippery slope of times passage though, because when I look at my husband I still see the man I married at 23; handsome, young and muscular. I hope for just minute he still sees me as I was before giving birth to 3 kids and gaining some weight along with a little gray hair.
It's amazing about aging though I guess, because now, I don't care so much how "cool" I look to others when I'm driving down the street music blaring, I care about the people in the car knowing that the chick dancing in the passenger seat is a person not afraid to be herself. Seeing the smiles and dancing, clapping bodies of my children in the back, and the laughter in my husbands eyes while I rock out to the High School Musical soundtrack let's me know I'm still the coolest gal in town.


JackassJimmy said...

I know what you mean about the coolness ratio. Every once in a while, yet another of my favorite songs is played either on the oldies station or during the "retro lunch hour."

I agree with dad. I see myself getting older but still feel mentally and emotionally young, though I think we all have our days.

Keep up the writing. I'm digging it.

Muggs said...

I think I'm cool no mater what I listen to...right now that's usually talk radio on MPR or Wcco...keeps me up to date with what's going on in the world so that when I engage in a conversation with other knowledgeable people I feel I have something worthwhile to say... maybe that's because age doesn't really matter to me anymore...although my hubby just added another year as will three kids and goes on and I'm lovin' it.

Ann said...

You ARE the coolest gal in town!

I'm so glad that you came by the Virtual GNO. Now I've found your wonderful blog and will be following. Your words are terrific.

Happy VGNO (a little late ;-> )

Anna said...

Yep, I think you're pretty cool too.

Nowadays, all I want or care to be is someone who Ally likes hanging out with. As long as she likes me, that's all that matters. Once she's a teenager? Now that's another story.

I love your blog!

JulieChats said...

Oh my gosh! That's so funny! I love the Hoe Down Throw Down too! My little girl is 8 & we just went to see Miley a couple weeks ago at her opening show. All the little kids, but I still felt like a teenager at a rock concert, sorta scary when I'll be 40 next summer.... You made me smile! Have a nice day!

Happy VGNO, a little late! Come over & check out my blog, I was honored this week & I'm excited to share the news!